PUF Cafe News: March – June 2022

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Hi everyone and welcome to the third episode of PUF Cafe News, a video series where – in only a few minutes – we will provide you with an overview of the PUF technology articles and news items that caught our attention in the past months. With a finger on the pulse of the latest PUF technology developments we want to show you the great progress the technology has made and just how broad the market adoption of PUF technology really is. And the news from the last few months has not let us down.

First up, there is the news from PUF vendor Intrinsic ID:

  • Their biggest news is the announcement of the commercial integration of their SRAM PUF technology in several Intel FPGA families. Their recent “QuiddiKey for Intel FPGAs” product is now available in Agilex and Stratix devices.
  • Intrinsic ID also announced a partnership with eFPGA vendor QuickLogic, where Intrinsic ID will be providing SRAM PUF-based security solutions for QuickLogic’s eFPGA customers.
  • Another announcement from Intrinsic ID is that their QuiddiKey IP-family is now fully compatible with the open-source Root of Trust solution OpenTitan.
  • And finally, the company announced expansion of their sales activities in Taiwan by signing a representation agreement with Kaviaz Technology.

Intrinsic ID was not the only PUF vendor in the news:

  • PUFsecurity announced the silicon qualification of their PUF-based secure embedded flash solution PUFef together with eMemory and UMC.
  • Also, PUFsecurity’s crypto coprocessor PUFcc was awarded the COMPUTEX 2022 Best Choice Award.
  • Crypto Quantique announced a partnership with Microchip around integration of their device management software into the Microchip Trust Platform Suite.
  • They also announced a partnership with Andes to boost the security of their RISC-V processor using Crypto Quantique’s PUF technology along with their device management software.

Besides news from the PUF vendors, there was also other exciting news about PUFs:

  • Microchip released its latest family of microcontrollers (the CEC173x family), which include a 384-bit PUF in the hardware of its security enclave to create and protect the root secrets of the device.
  • And LG Uplus has announced that it has joined forces with PUF vendor ICTK to develop PUF-based security solutions specifically aimed at protecting CCTV cameras.

But there were also several articles about new forms of PUF technology, such as:

And finally, there was also mention of PUF technology as the solution for different security use cases in several different articles. In this overview we merely highlight some of these, in this case from the websites DarkReading, Spiceworks, and IVMEurope.

All this news from the last months shows just how much is going on in the world of PUF technology. A growing number of devices are being equipped with PUFs, while solving different kinds of security issues, and new PUF solutions are still being introduced. This is a great testament to the momentum that this technology has gathered by now.

For those who want to learn more about any of the news mentioned here, the links to each of these items are listed below this video on pufcafe.com. If you have news that you would like us to consider for our next episode, please contact us at support@pufcafe.com.

Thank you for watching and see you again soon for another episode of PUF Cafe News!