PUF Cafe News: January/February 2022

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Hi everyone and welcome to the second episode of PUF Cafe News, a video series where – in only a few minutes – we will provide you with an overview of the PUF technology articles and news items that caught our attention in the past months. With a finger on the pulse of the latest PUF technology developments we want to show you the great progress the technology has made and just how broad the market adoption of PUF technology really is. And this January/February period has not let us down with a lot of very exciting PUF news to report on. So, let’s dive straight into our overview!

  • One of the biggest PUF-related news items of February was the airing of a new PUF Cafe Episode. Tom Katsioulas from GSA TIES presented a great story on the importance and role of PUF technology in a trusted supply chain. This episode is still available online, so don’t miss it.
  • PUF vendor Intrinsic ID announced further expansion of the company’s activities in China through a representation agreement with Jupiter Semi. Jupiter Semi will provide marketing, sales, and support functions for Intrinsic ID in China, effective immediately.
  • Two major chip vendors spoke out about the use of PUF technology in their devices. NXP announced a new secure triple wireless transceiver IW612 that includes PUF technology for creating unique keys. Silicon labs published a very interesting blog post on how they use SRAM PUF technology for next-generation secure key storage on their Bluetooth devices.
  • There were also two great publications about PUF technology from independent parties. SemiEngineering published an article about recent developments in PUF technology, for which it interviewed people from amongst others Crypto Quantique, Synopsys, Intrinsic ID, and Rambus. HP Enterprise published an article about recent developments on Root of Trust technology, which also included an extensive description of its relation to PUF technology.
  • The Global Semiconductor Alliance published a white paper, which has been available for download since January, discussing the impact of low-cost attacks on IoT security and the measures that are required to keep these devices secure. GSA partners NXP, Intrinsic ID, Silicon Labs, arm, Infineon, and Rambus co-authored this white paper, which also contains a chapter about the benefits of PUF technology for IoT security.
  • PUF vendor Crypto Quantique announced a partnership with Macronix. Their QuarkLink IoT Security Management platform is now available for Macronix’s ArmorFlash Ecosystem. In this partnership a PUF is used to supply the Macronix chips with a unique identity.
  • PUF vendor PUFsecurity came with two announcements in the last months together with parent company eMemory. They announced the launch of the next generation of their PUF-based Root of Trust solution PUFrt as well as a partnership with the Intel Foundry Service for their security solutions.
  • And finally, a new type of PUF has been discovered by the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology in Korea. Their research team has designed PUF-based tags using native silk fibres obtained from Bombyx Mori, which are domesticated silkworms. With these tags they have created a lens-free, optical, and portable PUF module.

This news brings us to the end of this overview for PUF Cafe News that has shown just how much is going on in the world of PUF technology. New devices are being equipped with PUFs, strategic alliances are being forged, and new PUF solutions are still being introduced. This is a great testament to the momentum that this technology has gathered by now.

For those who want to learn more about any of the news mentioned here, the links to each of these items are listed below this video on pufcafe.com. If you have news that you would like us to consider for our next episode, please contact us at support@pufcafe.com.

Thank you for watching and see you again soon for another episode of PUF Cafe News!