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What is PUF Cafe News?
PUF Cafe News is a new video series where – in only a few minutes – we will provide you with an overview of the PUF technology articles and news items that caught our attention in the past weeks. With a finger on the pulse of the latest PUF technology developments we want to show you the great progress the technology has made and just how broad the market adoption of PUF technology really is.

In the first episode of PUF Cafe News: Samsung, Rambus, DARPA, NIST, and many more…
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Latest PUF Cafe Episode


Using PUFs for Random Number Generation


Presenter: Nicolas Moro, Embedded Systems Security Engineer at Intrinsic ID

Original air date: Wednesday September 29th 2021

Typically PUFs are used for creating unclonable identities and storing cryptographic keys, but they can also be a great source of randomness. Given that the availability of entropy is a necessity to create a PUF, it should be possible to use this entropy for “non-PUF” purposes. In this Episode, Nicolas will guide us through the process that is required to turn a PUF into a Random Number Generator (RNG). The steps of this process range from how to harvest the PUFs entropy all the way to how to get NIST CAVP certification for the resulting RNG.

Picture Nicolas

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