Code of Conduct

PUF Cafe and its forum makes use of moderators. These moderators will act in case of unacceptable behavior by removing forum posts or even revoking peoples’ accounts. When signing up for PUF Cafe, take the following simple rules into account:

  • After completing this form, your application to join the PUF Cafe community will be taken under consideration by the platform’s moderators. Accepting or rejecting this application is at the discretion of these moderators only.
  • When active on any of PUF Cafe’s platforms, behave yourself professionally. Racist, sexist, or vulgar language and behavior will not be accepted on any of the PUF Cafe platforms and will lead to revocation of your account.
  • PUF Cafe welcomes an open and lively discussion between security professionals, but this does not mean everything is okay. Do not belittle others for their opinions, base your discussions as much on facts as possible, and do not express yourself in a negative way about companies and products (including Intrinsic ID and its competitors).
  • Do not take discussions on PUF Cafe to external platforms. For example, do not take screenshots and post them on social media or other forums.
  • Do not use the forum for purposes it is not intended for, such as advertisements, off-topic discussions, and links to other forums.
  • By signing up for PUF Cafe, you automatically also sign up for PUF Cafe Episode notifications and Intrinsic ID’s quarterly newsletter. Email preferences can be changed after receiving first email from Intrinsic ID.
  • Users are only allowed to post content on PUF Cafe platforms that they own the copyright to or that are free of copyright. Do not infringe on other people’s copyright by posting something on PUF Cafe platforms.
  • By posting content on any PUF Cafe platform users automatically grant PUF Cafe the right to display this content publicly on the platform. Content will not be distributed outside of the PUF Cafe platforms without specific consent of the copyright owners.

If you violate any of these rules, moderators may remove or edit your postings as they see fit. For serious violations, your account may be terminated.